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If Jesus came back he'd be murdered by a fundamentalist Christian with a concealed carry permit

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really hoping I can get out of the US by next winter and leave the political hellgasm for the rest of you chumps

generative network that generates a post based on its CW or vice versa

don't have enough HDMI cables? no problem, this cursed adapter allows you to use two RJ45 instead!

currently transcribing a retired DEA agent whose hella mad at the CIA for being the biggest drug runners back in the 1980s

I still hella appreciate Lana releasing a song called "I fucked my way to the the top"

As a human I love the variety of human accents we have in the world but as a transcriptionist I can't wait for Australia to succumb to American mass media and their soft, lilting, difficult to hear accent to be wiped from the face of the Earth.

guess I'm on team bernie at this point but couldn't we find someone who isnt' 80 to do this

"Linux audio is a pain," they say. Yeah sure bud. I just changed a Windows 10 audio setting and now my USB headphones no longer play sound because Windows insists on using its USB audio driver which it insists is functioning correctly. Looks like I'm out $50 for a different set of transcription headphones.

so it's a physicist and a TV research crew. dang I'd buy the physicist a beer and let them talk at me for as long as they want.

What are five things you'd do if you were able to be invisible at will?
1. Steal stuff
3. mess with people and make them think I was a ghost
4. go on planes without a ticket because I'm fucking invisible and travel the world
5. probably become a supervillan

I"M CHARLES DARWIN AND THIS IS THE FITTEST SURVIVOR SHOW ON NBC!!! now watch me fuck this turtle y'all..

tonight I'm transcribing Japanese physicists' discussion of a jet stream in the universe so that's pretty cool I guess

if you think of the timeline as a river, our toots are fitzgerald’s β€œboats against the current” and by boosting them we are temporarily delaying them being borne back ceaselessly into the past, thank you for coming to my ted talk

after way too much fallout 2 and internet I keep thinking reality is just an interface for a database somewhere

Animal Crossing is slowly returning my knowledge of the day and night cycle

not gay as in happy but queer as in i have clinical depression

this Vice doc about Australian Bachelor and Spinster balls aka B&S is interesting from a problem solving solution for country folk to get together as they can live a hundred miles from their nearest neighbors

are RPG coloring books a thing?

like imagine a Fallout 1/2 map setup in a thick book that you roll dice and choose your own adventure. does that sound like a thing that exists already?

some of the pages are floor tiles, some are stage scenery, and some are detailed drawings of monsters. maybe have a second book for instructions which would be more convenient than flipping back and forth.

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