I'm playing Fallout 2 which is way less stable than I recall and I guess Bethesda's glitchiness in the later games is within the character of the franchise

And pickpocketing primed explosives into people's inventory?


Bethesda won't let me steal power armor in the first 20 seconds of the game so I can become an unkillable punching machine tho. I have to keep mucking around with having "low stats" and "No power armor training" or "you're out of fusion cores" like

I had to jack this stuff from a deathclaw infested sewer it could at least be good.

@happyhorseskull I played Fallout 1 on release and adored it; I installed Fallout 2 on release and it simply didn't run so I didn't play it until like 10 years later

@darius I played 2 at friend's house so only got to play snippets and maybe that's how I should have left my Fallout 2 experience bank

@happyhorseskull There are zillions of fan patches that will make it much more stable on a modern machine, if I remember correctly.

The main thing that shocked me about 2 is that even moreso than 1 it *really* relies on the little text box in the corner to get a lot of descriptive info to the player. I kind of love that it's a secret text adventure


That was the best I can do but yeah, they rush that crap out.

@happyhorseskull the fact you can lose half of your car, both graphically and functionally, remains one of my all time favorite bugs in anything

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