"crust made with real cauliflower"

I uh yeah I guess that's a selling point??

unfriended soon to be newlyweds for this content

brb gonna go to the store and cut the pokemon cards out of boxes without paying for them

have they tried burning down their competitors' properties?

boomers: millennials should stop taking selfies at funerals

this guy: edit this video to spotlight me at John McCain's wake

-a better place
-death is coming
-the ice house
-the afterlife is an illusion invented to comfort the weakminded dot tumblr dot com
-hallelujah and hail satan I'm coming home

I regret to inform you that the cishets are at it again

i don't know, guy, if you can't state your purpose then maybe grad school isn't for you

those three little words that give you the creeps in a job ad

gods bless people who make simple typos in their job ads for proofreaders

honestly Justin it'd be a lot easier to just lie and put the dumb logos on your website until someone sends a C&D

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