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If I had Elon Musk money I'd make Buzz Aldrin bend over and work his mouth like a puppet in support of my corporate interests

@happyhorseskull it is good to see cousin Jamie is getting his message out to the world


1 twitter has broken me and i'm reading this as an acrostic

My boss at the time travel mercenary agency: we’ve determined that all of the world’s ills stem from the reign of Ramses the Great. I need you to go back in time and kill Ramses as a small child.

Me, staring at my Future Phone, distracted by Future Mastodon: kill Ramsey kid, got it *sets time machine to December 25, 1996*

do the devs never add captions to their images? it'd be really useful if we could see the entire picture while we describe it

unfriended soon to be newlyweds for this content

tinder bio:
send me $5 on venmo for me to swipe right

oh I’m a “cop” just because I have a badge and a gun and custodial authority and am employed by the county as an officer of the peace? fuck, way to stereotype, asshole.

I'm halfway through and I'm slowly acquiring a taste for it. The rational atheist and the Jesuit priest are written well enough to not be parodies. some jokes about late capitalism are a bit teeth grinding and the book feels like it was written by a smartass in early 1990s NYC

pronoun's are for fricken CHUMPS. imagine letting someone friggen refer to you!! at all!!! don't even think about me, bucko!

reading Morrow's "Towing Jehovah" and I expected a book about a supertanker towing god's own corpse would be more fun than this

me, usually: haha we call dumb internet stuff meme what a laugh

me, pissy: look goddammit meme actually has an academic meaning beyond goddamn cat pictures, you flummoxes

marie kondo except everything I own brings me joy when it's on fire

I need a mathematics of memetics about propaganda and paying for messages to propagate in society

when steve-o said his dream was to be a professional wildman who recorded dumbass stunts that would be recognized after he died because he didn't feel competent enough at life to make it I felt that

"You make it sound so negative when you call it that"

lol bitxh propaganda isn't intended as as a positive or negative term. the steel manufacturer intentionally put a message on American steel to propagate their message

a couple of hours ago I pointed out a "Buy American Steel" message as an example of old style propaganda and my mom is still mad at me

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