after many moons and much traveling I have arrived at the forbidden city the strange fortune teller told me about. I look around, but something is wrong - where I expected iron eagles and aryan jawlines instead I see the red standard and horses in jorts. the color drains from my face and I let loose a blood curdling scream "where are my conservatives at?" I fall to the ground and yell at a uncaring sky "represent bros!"

but there are no bros to represent. I hear footsteps & my vision goes dark

@hasya23 if you have to put “not a racist” in your bio etc etc

@canalien @hasya23 He seems as trustworthy as a rattlesnake in a truck bed.

@hasya23 lmao. People having no clue about what theyre talking about is one of my favorite things about the internet. They just post with such confidence!

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