its so cold in the midwest that toilets are freezing and exploding, it would be a good idea to keep some spare jackets and emergency blankets with a sheet of local shelters for any unhoused folk you might bump into


its incredibly dangerous and services provided by places like the salvation army will 100% turn away gay or trans folk if they feel like it

@KitsuneAlicia @Ferretsyndicate

they are the worst, i always tell people to never give SA bell ringers money

Why would anyone have a toilet like that in a house that lacks heating?


short version: when it's extremely cold gas pipelines sometimes become obstructed and partially freeze which reduces the output of gas available for heating. it's also possible for high demand for heat to pass the amount thats available. either one of those can cause a home to completely lose heating, which is why it's common for the public to be requested to keep their heat lower then usual during especially cold days.

or the picture is fake etc

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