we did it mastodon, we snuck the anarchist flag into a economist video

@hasya23 Can't wait to teach the Economist about anarcho-satanism.


i receive a inquisitive dm from a economist employee, reluctantly my fingers tip tap across my phone as i format my reply. i only hope the knowledge they ask for will not break them.

bank of america? *chuckles* oh no, the true tale is much worse my dear friend

@hasya23 I honestly hope some tech reporter stumbles upon me and asks for an interview about the fedi just so I can make a bunch of shit up.

@hasya23 "Anarchists identify each other with the custom :alf: avatar. It represents our outsider status."

@hasya23 "Tanky actually just means you're really into tank anthros here. Totally different context."

@hasya23 Oh noooo, the economist is doing a thing on the fediverse? fakkkk





Ahahahaha ok false alarm they redirected everyone to some lame blockchain startup.

I love this though. Creating a community run open source software social network with a complex patchwork of moderation policies and communities that is entirely crowdfunded in a world that only values businesses making boatloads of cash IS JUST NOT THAT AMBITIOUS RIGHT?


I mean the aim of that blockchain company sounds cool but the fundamental problem isn't that facebook and google aren't using blockchain technology, it is that they are companies.

How painfully clear does it have to be for people to see that having corporations run and monetize communities is just a bad idea??

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @hasya23 yeah, the hundreds of communities with thousands of users will never survive competition from a company in a sector in no way dominated by bubbles and exit scams

@hasya23 hahaha duuuuuuuude

what if we had like, weed, but it was powered by the blockchain lmao

@Yolandi @hasya23 @Alonealastalovedalongthe Oh it's a technical mess that stores data directly on the Bitcoin blockchain and relies on centralized structures for things as simple as like domain names.

@Yolandi @hasya23 @Alonealastalovedalongthe
Which is why it's so egregious that Economist focuses on Blockstack over thriving, actually decentralized web technologies like ZeroNet, and also why it's so unsurprising: Masto, ZeroNet, et al. all have the same broad goal of creating a truly democratically managed web. Blockstack's goal is to establish the same centralized, capitalist web of idiot tech startups, but on the blockchain. Guess which one The Economist prefers.

@hasya23 right now some very confused luddites are reading about anarchism and getting angry at the "utopic ideals"


I bet they put it there to make us look "daaangerous"

@polychrome @Roxxie_Riot @hasya23 Shhhh. They will know soon enough! [evil laughter intensifies]
>we did it mastodon
>we did it
Is mastodon the new reddit ?

@hasya23 Also do you think they knew what Monsterpit is about when they put that together? I hope they did.

i think they probably just scrolled and recorded whatever showed up

@hasya23 I want advanced warning before the next "what is Mastodon" article so everyone can switch to communist ahagao avis.

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