this is from 2006 and very well might be the first time i heard about direct action

@hasya23 we should all strive to make crime more fun AND politically motivated


*licks a finger and tests for wind direction*


*sniffs the air and then picks up some dirt and tastes it*

yeah, thats praxis alright. real big vein of it, too.

@hasya23 you just *know* the sherriff of nottingham said the exact same things as Bodo Franz

Essen had this rich food festival downtown and kicked all the homeless people out of the area for about a week with rent-a-pigs. I fantasized about doing something similar.

@hasya23 oh my god, it's illegalism! when was this from

2006, it was very influential on me when i read about it growing up

@hasya23 if "Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei" was still a hot film in theatres, then this article was written/translated in about 2004 (terrible English title was "The Edukators")

@hasya23 @datn stacking the chairs at the Ruth Chris steakhouse and leaving a note saying "your days of plenty are numbered"

@hasya23 If they made movies about these superheroes, I' d go to the movies more often.

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