now that i know the stats, my trips to the grocery store will be 30% quicker because of efficient cart use

@hasya23 @Absolutely_Blakely the top cart is obviously the best, it has 10 points total while the others have only 8 and 9

@hasya23 where! Is! The double level snub cart! It is clearly the best cart.

@burgin @hasya23 now THAT'S what I'm talking about that thing has at least a 3 star speed and a 3 star agility and it's not bad on strength either!!!

@shoofle @burgin
i dont believe i have seen that cart before, it must be new dlc

@hasya23 @burgin everyone goes straight for it out of the drop at my local grocery Royale, super hard to get one

@shoofle @hasya23 probably more stable than #1 while remaining comparably agile too

@shoofle @burgin @hasya23 the metal bar supporting the back wheels on this one is wide and long enough that you can, if the cart is stocked enough to balance your weight, stand on the bars

and thus coast through the parking lot like you're riding a demented chariot:

@shoofle next time you're coasting on a cart, try to gently tap one of the wheels. with a little practice you can steer


The thing is, due to inflation among other things, the third basket is usually more than enough for many people

ah,, i see my research has reached the scholar instance. good.

@hasya23 I'm dying. Let's get one of those stress test machines that they use to test carbon and get this study out of the parking lot and onto the road.

@hasya23 i have literally never seen the first kind in the wild, but i love this

obv i'm a handbasket, speed and maneuverability are key for a single girl whomst broke

single as in living/shopping alone, i still belong to @morae lol

@hasya23 when I look at this I immediately see the three player types available in NES Ice Hockey.

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