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as a child during thanksgiving i watched what i believe was the second blues brothers movie and learned a new word. during dinner a relative said that this is going to be a good meal and i decided to say "it could be very erotic" because i thought erotic meant the same thing as exotic and exotic things are flamingos and expensive food, right?

my point is i was born with the ability to emit a mist of uncomfortable silence into any given situation

@hasya23 this might be the best story i've ever read and tbh i legit laughed out loud on what's been a truly shitty day

i'm really glad that some dude pissing on a truck can bring us together like this and share some joy

@hasya23 @Luxotek I got in an incredible amount of trouble in third grade that evaporated as soon as the principal figured out I had taken "make love to" to be a synonym for "flirt with"

@robotcarsley @hasya23

i dunno why it's doing that - i didn't even know it was a gif..

some how it's kinda even more fitting though

i'm renaming it 'evil john waters pervert gif" on my drive though

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