age 14: lol politicians should fight in gladiator battles

age 20: that would be far too violent and cause loss of precious life, instead let us participate in democracy

age 30: never mind let’s do the gladiator thing

@hasya23 what if we did both
vote on who gets to be in the gladiator battles

since this is the glorious utopic future where all problems are solved by gladius and trident i would imagine that to vote on who fights in gladiator battles you would first of course have to participate in a gladiator battle

@hasya23 by 40 you'll understand that politicians aren't the problem. It's just PEOPLE. Normal people around you, who are angry, bigoted, hateful, xenophobic, stupid, self-centered, who want those politicians to do what they do.


this guy decides that he would do better in a trial by combat versus the player character than in an actual jury court case and immediately dies


how to die in a fictional world: invite the protagonist to kill you

*stretches out and yawns* ahhhh nothing like ben posting guild war 2 facts to really complete a day of saying words on my favorite website, mastodon dot internet

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