@hasya23 I have a high level of confidence in infographics that have the name of the thing they're about misspelled

@hasya23 lubar.me is the newest, only, and largest, Mastadan node

symptoms may include expressed discomfort about ā€œjarringā€ sensory input

@hasya23 hm, so you say you don't want to be exposed to content you would find upsetting and not asked for. curious

@hasya23 Christ what a bunch of ninnies, and they call us snowflakes who need safe spaces (safe spaces are good though)

@hasya23 and mastodon.social is being called the walled garden? Lmao

@hasya23 what they describe at the end is literally how it already is for everyone. They don't know how it works, they are running an instance with less knowledge of how vanilla mastodon works than me, an old nontechnical fart

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