indian cops are threatening to arrest people over tweets, no wonder we have this big influx of indian accounts

what’s scarier are all the people in the replies cheering them on

@hasya23 they use pls in their bio
like what the fuck this is a real accounht

i stared at that post for like a solid minute trying to figure out if it was real or not myself

@hasya23 @JoYo The post doesn’t exist anymore, I’m curious about the content of the toot which the Amethi police is responding to.

@melunaka @hasya23 it was a pretty mundane post, especially if you look at the rest of their tweets.

@JoYo @hasya23 Is she saying people who demolished the monument in 1992 are still in power today? Sorry I don’t know a lot of indian politics

@melunaka @hasya23 I think that’s figuratively and literally.

@melunaka @JoYo
yes. mobs demolished a muslim mosque / holy site and the recent Ayodhya verdict decided that it would be replaced with a hindu temple. kinda like how early christianity would build churches on the holy sites of other religions i guess.

@hasya23 is making political comments in India publishable? Currently not finding any sources on that...

@hasya23 What the fuck, that's messed up...

Shit like this is the real threat to a freedom of speech. Not defending the right for people to be assholes to minorites, but stopping the government from saying something like "we don't like this, delete it or you're getting arrested"
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