this would be considered too unsubtle for environmental storytelling in a fps


holy shit this is a fucking waking nightmare


gonna go hug me some un-sploded atom bombs cause they're warm and i'm desperately touch starved
get me all glowy and stuff

@hasya23 @bulkington the past 3+ years have had me taking back every criticism i had about pentex and fomori as depicted in werewolf: the apocalypse

@bulkington @hasya23 Life in Second Life definitely seems less unpredictably insane and awful at this point.

@hasya23 please tell me this is just good photoshop work on your part

@hasya23 This looks like something straight out of either GTA or Postal which is... Well you make a conclusion.

@hasya23 I like how your supermarkets are referenced by number apparently.

@felix @hasya23 It's usually in the order in which they opened. So, Walmart #1 is long gone at this point (I know where it was on Route 66 in Miami, OK, and there's a bigger hint that it used to have a Woolworth and Sears than a Walmart). I think the oldest surviving one is #33 in Sapulpa, OK; I remember when they were expanding it to have a grocery section; the floor still had the red stripe that went around the outside aisle for mallwalkers (it was about a half mile long, IIRC).

@felix @hasya23 Walmart's more of a variety/department store that happens to have a grocery section more than anything. Unless it's a "neighborhood market" then it's just the grocery section in a building similar to the original "variety only" Walmarts.

@hasya23 ...What...Pepsi???

That looks like an ad... for a soft drink... what...

@IceWolf @hasya23 It's common for beverage and snack food companies to provide banner materials for stores where all they gotta do is stick some letters in based on a preset template. Normally, obviously, to advertise something related to the product. Sometimes, they end up having a darker, more sinister tone.

@hasya23 image description:
*pepsi logo, walmart logo*
"that's what i like *pepsi logo*"
*illustration of large bottle of pepsi*

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