tired of blocking the weird incel blog guy every time he makes a new account? all you have to do is add a filter!

1.go to preferences and select "add new filter"

2. type in "womenarestupid.site" and copy all of the settings in the second screenshot. make sure to uncheck "whole word"

3. everytime a toot has the name of that blog somewhere in the post it will show up on your timeline as "filtered" like the third screenshot.

(this does not block the account he is spamming from)

russians engaging in the national sport: a bit of the ol' slap

left is vasiliy kamotskiy, champion slappist

its over for you bitches, i just got 60 pairs of sunglasses and this book

here’s a cool thing mastodon decided to do for no reason

bulgarian police tried to attack a crowd of protesters with pepper spray but forgot about the direction of the wind. yakety sax plays in the background to add a sense of tasteful whimsy.

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