aww fuck yeah, i just got battery acid on my hands! !!!!!!!!!!! (it sucked)

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*ground rumbles as we begin to emerge - shrieking in unison*


going back in time and making sure that Seth McFarlane catches his flight on 9/11

i would drop baby hitler into a blender and drink it right up, i'd have baby hitler muscles and nobody could stop me.


she has almost 5k followers on birbsite, of course she wants mastodon to fail - if her audience tries mastodon they wont come back and she'll lose her social currency.

this is pretty much also why all the bad popular accounts on birbsite make fun of masto.

she really went and wokely decided that only seeing the content you want is Too Much Consent and Racist, Actually

i think they were from and ended up joining a liberals-only instance

(no, not - there was another one)

whatever happened to that one mastodon poster who "came out as a liberal"

utterly shocked to discover that some of you don't follow me on here

I thought we were already mutuals on this account


when someone feels the need to point out a person is of JOOISH origin i suspect a lot of things about them that unfortunately turn out to be true

"we are exclusionists!!!" bud what are you doing that thats your intro

lmfao the person who wrote that article is the nerd who thought the dude who started gamergate was the victim

First day on mastodon: I better not boost too much or people will unfollow me

After two days on mastodon: Cannot. Stop. Boosting.

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