hate it when I’m conscripted to fight in the culture war by the SJW high command

doctor please help me, i’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell. my wife and child have long ago left me and my hands move by themselves ever ringing, strange whispers in the night keep me from my rightful rest.

doctor: im not a doctor im pagliacci

found this video of a furry at the counterprotest for the klan rally

at the klan rally in dayton ohio a bunch of mennonites are counter protesting

(it tastes of the most refreshing mountain spring)

i would like to thank my fellow whites for ensuring that anything labeled spicy is actually not

tbh antivirus software would be better if it was like a digimon and it showed your guys fighting the viruses for you

there are only two types of people: people who think there are only two types of people and people who do not

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ok now that we did the otherkin thing, how do you all feel about plurals?

Sending an emissary to the night crew, bringing good tidings and provisions. Never falter, my friends.

about to play a spooky videogame..,,. at night.

@hasya23 @olivebranch i cant find much about this, but i did find this about Anatoly Lunacharsky ( the judge) being involved with trying to create a new science based religion en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God-Buil

and this says he wrote about religion and wrote plays

so it sounds plausible

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