fucking around chasing clout by going after people who i perceive to have 'clout'

All this talk about Beto like y'all forgot Bernie played bass in Crass 84 through 89

yeah i've got CLOUT

:hacker_c: ool friends
:hacker_l: oving friends
:hacker_o: ut of this world supportive friends
:hacker_u: nbelievably great friends
:hacker_t: ruly my friends are the best

its noise as in the genre, stuff like merzbow etc

going around collecting up my pals and putting them in my apron pocket for safe keeping

@notTheEnemy837 lil cucklord ass soyboy. ask your momma how my bussy taste

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I was not expecting linkedin to have quality content on stopping the reptilians but here I am reading "Human Manual for Reptilian Resistance" on linkedin dot com

i have no idea - im not a admin on any instances. sorry!

tired of blocking the weird incel blog guy every time he makes a new account? all you have to do is add a filter!

1.go to preferences and select "add new filter"

2. type in "womenarestupid.site" and copy all of the settings in the second screenshot. make sure to uncheck "whole word"

3. everytime a toot has the name of that blog somewhere in the post it will show up on your timeline as "filtered" like the third screenshot.

(this does not block the account he is spamming from)

eyyyy whatsamatta wit you ya big gamook, im wokkin here! you almost knocked over alla da general tso in thisa here bowlarino! che palle!

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