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okay check this out, this is the proposed renovation for a building on my university's campus. architecture nerds get in here and roast this thing with me, it looks like absolute dogshit

this account supports snow village dioramas. yes, the ones with the little magnetized skating rink.

lol at a liberal trying to tell me "drug addiction isn't political" and "goes beyond politics' shoo with you

let they who hath not been cancelled cast the first callout

hmm, time to check in with the lads over at reddit dot com and see how they're doing

drug addiction needs to be understood as an assault on the working class by capitalism. joking about it is fucked up and i will not tolerate people who do this. addicts are people.

good to see that women who kin kirito from sword art online are 100% as awful as the actual guy!!!

so uh how about those cigar cheetahs or whatever

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1. I found it online from a repost, i don't know who the artist is.

2. I deleted it immediately after explaining that expecting to control something online is unrealistic - when I make content and someone reposts it, I'm just happy to see t spread

3. don't misgender me

Whites be like “That's my emotional support racist slur” now points to the Daily Stormer, in case you wondered if Matrix and his pals were "just pretending" to be Nazis.

it cant be overstated what a neccesary medical service informed consent HRT is, before this was available getting HRT meant talking to a therapist for three months and hinged upon coming up with the right answer for questions like "how many times a day do you jack off?"

been reading a review of the corner prophets gig in the christian science monitor.

showing my support for Israel by wearing a hat shaped like a drone strike on a Palestinian hospital

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