To me, that’s preposterous. Knzk being down, things of that nature

saw Joe Lieberman was trending, was pretty hopeful that he'd died

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part of why AOC seems to boil Repubs brains seems to be that she'll take an actual concrete position on something and they're very unused to dealing with that from Democrats

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This is from knzk admin regarding the problem on

They still can't federate. Can anyone help them out?

#mastoadmin #mastodev

“where do you see yourself in five years?”

ideally I will storm heaven and kill God

are there like brain worms that infect anyone with an even mildly successful social network that make them have Universe Brain ideas like "why show things in chronological order, which people like, when we could do some other really dumb horseshit instead"

misogyny, mass shooting, canadian history 

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(not getting any favs or boosts on knzk) -- hmm knzk must be broken

(not getting any favs or boosts on jorts horse) -- hmm jorts horse must be broken

ok google how do i go into the youtube and be an anime lofi study girl

will UPS deliver my stuff today

technology cannot tell us this

They have next to no material possessions! They live a communal lifestyle out of a van! Their primary antagonists are old white landlords seeking to seize communal property for private profit!


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