The door to the skeleton-planning department is thrown open. Clouds of smoke roll into the hallway. An intern staggers out, clothes torn, hair in disarray, eyes wild, a piece of paper clutched in their trembling hand. The bloody scrawl of a note reads: "Pumpkin skeleton."

@infernusgoatus I love these unironically

The worse the anatomy is, the better

@InternetEh every year they outdo themselves, it's like the gift that keeps on giving

@infernusgoatus yessssss these are the best, I love that collection of, fuckin, carpal bones(??) at the bottom

@Louisa everyone knows the bottom of the pumpkin is the the most flexible part

@infernusgoatus @Louisa how else would you properly stack them without sexually jamming their spine stem into the other's carpal bottom

@root @infernusgoatus @Louisa god damnit it took me way too long to realize this is a pumpkin's "skeleton"

@breakfastgolem @root @Louisa nobody ever sees the skeleton inside the pumpkin because we throw them away before they get that far

@infernusgoatus @breakfastgolem @root you know when you're carving a pumpkin and your knife gets jammed, that's when you hit a bone

@infernusgoatus I need to see this filled out by attaching a skull at the top of the vertebral column, another short section of vertebrae at the base of the pumpkin leading to a pelvis (also pumpkin-shaped), followed by 2 standard skeleton legs

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