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broke: reading a blogpost about BDSM to understand power dynamics
bespoke: having your girlfriend tie you up to understand power dynamics

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by posting we can pursue the Magnum Opus

Surely, the Perfect Take is as beautiful as the Philosophers Stone, and as desirable

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its amazing (though very expected) how dead things have been politically since biden entered office. the liberals really did go back to brunch. we went from the largest civil rights movement in decades to a quiet head shaking at abortion rights being destroyed.

the coolest monster is 'mirror entity' please don't disagree with me or I will get us refederated

i just passed a new law that makes it legal to suck people off through the internet

i guess if you wanna draw conclusions from that - there's no non-racist part of the USA. but there's parts that are so overwhelmingly white that trivial, daily activities like "walking to the nearest store for some smokes" is a dangerous decision for Black people

and places like that are the kind of places that white people hold up proudly as the Safe and Welcoming option

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it is the official jorts horse position that if you see adolf hitler eating at a restaurant it is ok to go up to him and disrupt his meal and tell him you are upset with his treatment of people with different religions

the government and corporations don't want you to know that the raccoons outside are free, you can just take them inside your home

my main memory of Massachusetts is driving a moving truck up there with a Black coworker, asking if he wanted to walk from the hotel to the corner store and get some snacks, and him declining because he didn't feel safe walking after dark in Massachusetts

drugs exist in the liminal space between food and poison

it is cool that tarot readers can accuse you of murder on Tiktok and invent an entire narrative and defame you

Here is an SCP I made called the 'kinky' bracelet. Note the quotes, because this is NOT supposed to be NSFW.

Internet was out, so I had to spend all morning asking random people at the gas station if they remember how the Fraggle Rock theme song went

ACAB includes the Capitol Police, and all the other cops that have arrested MAGA dumbshits in the last couple of years. Sometimes my enemy's enemy is also my enemy.

ok two things: afroman lives in ohio??? and leave afroman alone you fucking pigs hate this disgustin criminal state harassing a polymath multiinstrumentalist just cuz he likes cannabis

🎶you're on mantid camera🎶
(before you can react, a torrent of mantises of all varieties pours from a hatch in the ceiling, and a suddenly visible panopticon captures your reaction for the ravenous home audience)

The difference between kolektiva and monads is that kolektiva has people who fight cops in the street and monads has people who do podcasts about how cops suck

thinking: "This is my friend. I love them."
speaking: "I'm gonna shit in your AC buddy."

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