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Mods are asleep. Post Wet Kim.

I'm putting some matte varnish on Kim K to even his tone out

as with all femboys, the sex rat deserves to be picked up and thrown through the nearest drywall

Mutual aid request 

Rent's due and I ain't got it. I am back to gig delivery while I try to get an appointment at the dmv office so I can finish the preliminaries and start with a trucking job. Anything you can spare will help me stay housed and fed while I get over this last obstacle. If you'd prefer to lend rather than give, make a note and I will square with you asap. Boosts extremely appreciated.
Venmo: @robertwcarlisle
Cashapp: $rwcarlisle

Really don't understand why it's so hard to see that both US political parties are the same in the way that typical white American parents work together to abuse their children into doing what they want

Republicans are the disciplinarian violent father, and the Democrats are the gaslighting manipulative mother-- they use the threat of one another to maintain subjugation and dissonance

The $AkronBailFund (¢ashapp) is looking for contributions to assist those being arrested in Akron for protesting the murder of Jayland Walker by the city's police.

Please retweet if you cant send support, thank you!

Some people have asked if they can help a little with my debt.

So its my birthday soon! (21st July) so if you'd buy me a drink irl could you maybe consider sending £3 instead to help me pay some debt off?

The three smallest ones I have remaining are

Thank you 💜

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(last time i fell in love with someone I lost a whole bunch of stuff, for the record)

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the main downside of falling for someone is realizing that i''ll have to cede large portions of my imperial holdings

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"Waterloo" by ABBA is right about one thing: falling in love with someone is EXACTLY like losing a war

pearl clutching over the death to america slogan is very funny. get some real problems

Listen it was supposed to be 'down with America', but Americans decided they liked 'death to America' better.

it's death to america day! let's take this time to remember!

patriotism isn't a desire to improve this country, or even a love for the people in this country. it's the belief that the country itself is somehow superior to other countries, and moreover, worth celebrating
that country itself is responsible for grinding its citizens into the dirt under its heel, and the more we try to make our lives better, the harder they grind
this country is founded on, continuously sustained by, and inseparable from an insatiable demand for (often racial) slave labor, oppression of exploited countries through war or economic colonialism, and the ever growing production of weapons for war
this is only possible thanks to the hard work of this country's police and military

Tesse's Guide to Being Normal About Genitalia:
1. Don't act like dicks are off-putting, aggressive, or gross
2. Don't act like vaginas are unknowable, consumptive, or gross
3. Congratulations! You're ahead of most people

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