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@jizzwitch i'm following this story closely but i wish i could stop myself

@Robby are you saying you *don't* want to see my slime drenched tits later tonight 🤔

Oh hell yeah, glow in the dark slime is where it's at.

Aside, I'm glad to see you back, noticed the other day it'd been a couple weeks n just, glad ur here slimin :lesbian_slime:

Back home. Cleaning the kitchen and then making some fresh slime

@jizzwitch is there like a slime recipe, or are you just winging it

So, the glow slime is too faint to pick up in the dark and in the light it just looks like jizz. What color should I make next?

@jizzwitch do you have a blacklight? You can supercharge glow-pigment real quick with those

@jizzwitch florescent bulbs work too, but they take longer

But besides that, do we need to GoFund you a blacklight ???

@jizzwitch by the time we get to 2019, i may be the last mastodon user left to have resisted posting slime lewds

@jizzwitch @killeveryhetero @nuttgodd I mean possibly but being gay and online young Does Things to you

I'm sorry but I've never followed a thread more closely in my life.

@jizzwitch is it weird i'm mostly enjoying this for shots of your nails? :x

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