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So, the glow slime is too faint to pick up in the dark and in the light it just looks like jizz. What color should I make next?

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Oh hell yeah, glow in the dark slime is where it's at.

Aside, I'm glad to see you back, noticed the other day it'd been a couple weeks n just, glad ur here slimin :lesbian_slime:

@jizzwitch is there like a slime recipe, or are you just winging it

@jizzwitch do you have a blacklight? You can supercharge glow-pigment real quick with those

@jizzwitch florescent bulbs work too, but they take longer

But besides that, do we need to GoFund you a blacklight ???

@jizzwitch by the time we get to 2019, i may be the last mastodon user left to have resisted posting slime lewds

@jizzwitch what have you done to mastodon's collective psyche

@moth @killeveryhetero I've been weird and horny since before y'all were born

@jizzwitch @killeveryhetero @nuttgodd I mean possibly but being gay and online young Does Things to you

@jizzwitch is it weird i'm mostly enjoying this for shots of your nails? :x

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