I've never resurrected a woman using a weird combination of black magic and illegal science in the hopes that she would fall in love with me out of gratitude. does that make me a feminist? I don't know. and honestly? don't care

@Eweish I love that there's a whole genre of paintings that are women just baaarely tolerating some man

@realtoddhoward all of their songs were A Thing live, at least when I was seeing them a lot in the mid-late 90s

@realtoddhoward powdered milk man was good live cause they'd play it late in the set when everyone was sweaty and powdered milk man would come out waving an open box of powdered milk everywhere, turning our sweat into salty milk with his powder wafting out all over us

@realtoddhoward can't decide I saw them live dozens of times when I was in high school

lewd and gross and i'm very sorry for posting it Show more

not a cell phone in sight. just living in the moment. absolutely beautiful, wish we could go back ...

@breakfastgolem @BonusEruptus I'm sorry I should like I've been in a hellthread on Twitter all morning and it has rotted my brain

Pls forgive me

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