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Idk if any of you use FB still but check out these new community guidelines

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oh no I am the ass vizier of big dick river for nothing

god kickflipped when They invented wearing your hat backwards

Gonna get botox simply for the +5 modifier to my resting bitch face

i REFUSE to water down my content for clout. this is FULL-PULP POSTING. take a sip/chew BABES

Good news pals my horns and fangs got here in time for me to do a slutty Krampus photo set to release on krampusnacht

Feeling blessed as hell

if you're on .social, JOIN THE BLOOD CULT. we got:

* cute notif sound
* cute theme
* spells
* a readable local tl that instead of a bunch of beardos pounding off to GNU/Linux distros and javascript actually has good posts instead
* more spells
* lots of emoji including tarot cards and shit
* an incredibly cute instance admin you can boost lots of selfies of
* :familiar: THE PROTECTION OF THE FAMILIARS :familiar:

@realtoddhoward no human being is illegal

also, cis men are illegal

take that as you will

me: I don't think I'll ever like a site as much as Tumblr
Mastodon: get this.....instead of's tooting
Me, already taking off my clothes: Mastodon you absolute stupid bitch

if Brintny Sears really thikns she’s gonna get away with calling me a “workbitch”, she’s got another thing c oming.

good morning. Marilyn Manson had his bottom ribs removed so he could do THIS

You, uncultured: lol Mario blasting ropes

Me, cultured: lol Plato blasting ropes

it must be awkward to be anti-hornt and realize that the demonization of sexuality is a tool of the oppressors

ahh crap i forgot to tithe @jizzwitch this month, there go my fucken crops

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