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Today I am proud of myself because I knew at the beginning of the day I knew I needed to do a lot of work and I wrote 4,000 words in 6 hours: exactly the goal I set

thankfully none of you can shut the fuck me off. I think we should take all the clumpy bits out of oatmeal and just drink the wet part

since WeWork isn't profitable, we should nationalize it and integrate it into the public library system

new jack swing is not only the most fun genre ever made, but to this day is the outdated standard to which all other cool things are measured because I was raised on early 90s sonic the hedgehog games heavily informed by this style

you ever see a post where you're like wow, i want to interact with this but doing so in any way would be an abysmal idea

hyperlink log off and do your work challenge. Go do that challenge

The Cocteau Twins track fifty-fifty clown is about how they wanted to play as a clown in tony hawks pro skater and have them do a 50-50 rail

That the song came out almost a decade before the game did is yet another sign of Cocteau Twins’ genius

officially done with straights. I've spent my whole life being poisoned by their culture. Need to escape.

(if you're reading this and are straight, chances are you're not the kind of straight I'm talking about needing to avoid lol)

yo la tengo is by no means my favorite band, but dear god they're so fuckin good

june 13th, 2006 at around 11:30 pm: the moment I realized I was gay

later, I further realized I was bi, not gay. that was an interesting adjustment. but that was the day I first came to terms with being queer. it didn't always stick, but that's when it started

also i bought a 15 buck wet/dry electric razor at target today so I can shave my legs without a concerning amount of blood loss

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