@killeveryhetero Not sure what gentrification is, seems to be a normal café. 🤔

@DC7IA okay cool, good to confirm you're being intentionally obtuse

@killeveryhetero @DC7IA we don't have homeless people living in tents due to crazy housing market in Germany (that's what the tent is about - I'm guessing he didn't see it).

@ente @killeveryhetero There's a tent? Seriously, who is supposed to see that? At first I thought it too be one of those blue half-sized trash containers.

@DC7IA @ente @killeveryhetero I believe you'll have to click "view full size". From the thumbnail I also couldn't make out the homeless camp under the road structure.

@andreasMA @ente @killeveryhetero I still barely see it in full size. Although it is recognizable if you know what you're looking for.

“The outdoor scenery paints a picture of a simpler time in the area and adds to the hip, underground vibe within.

Would go again.

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