Now that I've made my way through the Infinite Dick Parade that was the reports queue this morning:

You MUST use the sensitive-image overlay if you post an NSFW image to the public timelines.

You are not required to do so, but PLEASE tag the image in some other way to let people know what the content of the sensitive image is.

Also, PLEASE use a CW (just "NSFW" is fine) if you're going to use graphic terms to describe the image.

(Hashtags in the CW text don't work. Hashtags UNDER a CW do.)

@CM_noelle I don't have a dick to parade but the content warnings confuse me - I think those need to be simplified for the users to work with those effectively. Like a drop down selection with five most common type and "other" as an option not included

literally just write a warning of the content of your message right here, and.... Show more


@vesaliuss @CM_noelle just use best common sense judgment and the admins (all admins, not just your instance's) and mods will be very thankful to not have to deal with it

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