@killeveryhetero hey @lynnesbian, you gonna take this binch jacking your sense of humor so i can forget about the fact that i fell for this for the fifth time?

@killeveryhetero @lynnesbian that was clearly a psyop set up by the cia to make lynne look bad.

@DirectorBlack @lynnesbian it doesn't make lynne look bad!! it proves she has extremely good taste in jokes !!!

@killeveryhetero @lynnesbian ohhhh, i get how it is. twisting my words around to fit your narrative, huh? nothing but cia scum you are.

@DirectorBlack @killeveryhetero under communism we all collectively own the show more emoji and claiming a joke as your own is for fucking noobs

@killeveryhetero idk why I fell for this, it's not even the right color for me

@radicalrobit so what you're saying is, tootdon sucks goat ass and cant properly show emojis



@killeveryhetero under normal circumstances? Yes absolutely.

But when it prevents you from tricking me like the idiot I am? It's fantastic.

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