i'm fucking bored someone give me shitty phone game recommendations (android)

@killeveryhetero Flow Free, MergeDragons, What's Cooking, Board Kings, FireBalls 3D, Helix Jump, Stickman Hook, Don't Trip, Knock Balls, Slime Road, Paper Plane Planet, Fire Rides, Big Big Baller, Flip Trickster, Stampede

@citrustwee i'm choosing to misread that one in the middle as Slime Toad and immediately downloading whatever I can find with that search result

@johnrandom damn right. i have played 3000+ games of that stupid ass stickman hook game

@killeveryhetero is punch quest on android? punch quest. anything by rocketcat games if they’re on android

@killeveryhetero peach blood is a cute one! turn off wifi tho bc the ads are obnoxious

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