let's have a thread! what's the single most disgustingly shameful snack you've had a craving for any time recently? you know the one I mean, I can see it in your eyes that you're thinking of something very specific. fess up!

@killeveryhetero they're chopped up into little bits like what you get in chowder. Good on crackers

@Taweret @killeveryhetero honestly they're not bad once you get past the whole canned seafood thing

@killeveryhetero does scooping peanut butter out of the jar with a granola bar count

@killeveryhetero uhm

My lunch was a couple slices of leftover pizza that had been sitting on the floor of the work van for 2 days

No regrets!

@SallyStrange when i was younger and worked in a kitchen we were told in no uncertain terms that food that hit the ground could NOT be served (this had been an ongoing problem)

seeing an obvious loophole, i'd "drop" things onto the ground that i wanted to eat.....

i am quickly learning that a horrifying number of foods that don't belong anywhere near a can, can in fact be found within a can

@_Crescensia_ no apologies here!!! this is a shame-free zone!!

i loved the everliving FUCK out of vienna sausages when i was a tiny lass, and i'm afraid to try them as an adult (my fear is that i'll still like them)

@killeveryhetero I had some of those oysters the other day... and loved it. And I know how you feel... I have Vienna sausages in my pantry right now...

@killeveryhetero i mean people tell me coke and milk is a disgusting combo, i dont think it is tho...

No, my brain can't make sense of the concept "shameful snack". I tried but 😞

During the night I came to think of Hannibal Lecter... So maybe but I have no craving for it.

One whole pint of a combination cookies n' cream and cookie dough ice cream

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@killeveryhetero not recent but i used to be a fiend for putting vanilla flavoring in the mt dew from the soda machines at 7-11 i dont think i can ever top how gross that was and anyway this is one of the many, many reasons i had to quit sugar

@killeveryhetero i decided to say fuck it and try coffee with soda

i gagged it out.

@killeveryhetero this thread has inspired me.

i'm now looking up jack in the box's number to call them to see if they're open You asked. Sweetened condensed milk sprinkled with dried chilli flakes on peppery salami with scalding hot jasmine tea.

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