despite not really growing much -- we actually shrunk a bit right after our big hardware upgrade -- we've been lagging more and more lately

every few days, we gather a huge backlog for a few hours, and there's not a lot that really fixes it or seems to be causing it


as far as I can tell, it's coming from the general growth of the fediverse as a whole. with increased traffic coming to and from our instance (and any other instances as federated as we are), resource strain is raising across the board

this concerns me as a serious longterm viability problem for the fediverse, or at least for resource-intensive fediverse apps like mastodon. if this trend continues, small instances will eventually stop being economically feasible, if they're getting strained regardless of usercount costs $50 per month, and we're *really not that large*. and we're *lagging*. that's kind of concerning.

i don't have a solution, but, there it is.

@killeveryhetero the only thing i dont know is like, im not sure this is the fediverse either? like witches is pretty busy and all but it mostly hums along, and while sometimes there's just huge spikes of shit idk that's pretty much always either some big instance going down or in this case remember wasabi went down. again. which fucks up a lot of things

it does seem like there's SOMETHING fucky with your server, which i can neither confirm nor deny is a curse

@killeveryhetero I get backlogs sometimes and I only have a 11 person instance. Scaling is hard and there are some issues in github for scaling/performance problems. Mastodon got out on the right foot by implementing redis and elastic cache from the start. That plus the docker containers makes it easy for people to get started. Low barriers to entry + future scaling are difficult problems/concerns. I'm interesting if we'll see JVM (Kotlin/Scala/Java) activitypub implementations in the future.

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