okay i'm gonna go back to pretending to do my job now so this is the last one -- enjoy this classic that I actually saw floating around years ago but never knew the source of until today

also i really really want to buy hundreds of this sticker and just plaster them fucking literally everywhere

@killeveryhetero i am always so happy when someone freshly discovers existential comics, the best webcomic

@dankwraith I saw at least one of these floating around somewhere before, probably a long time ago -- the island with ayn rand and "okay WE ARE DOING A COMMUNIST REVOLUTION NOW" -- but I don't think I ever knew the source before now, as the author doesn't tag their comics in the margins or anything

@dankwraith @killeveryhetero one of the few good parts of twitter is watching the existential comics guy attract and fuck with libertarians

@killeveryhetero existentialcomics are most excellent - i remember laughing a lot about Nietzsche as well :D

@killeveryhetero i didn’t know i needed a comic of marx blowing ayn rand’s head off with a sawed off double barreled shotgun until now

@killeveryhetero I love existential comics I have the t-shirt of this image

I just have to think of a dnd setting

"I'm a class warrior"
"You mean, your class is a warrior?"

@interneteh it's supposedly not super far off from the reality, actually

@killeveryhetero yeah. It's kinda unclear what Engels' contributions were. But hey, cigars and brandy would come in handy when writing

@killeveryhetero existentialcomics.com is an international treasure

@killeveryhetero On the site I advise doing a "wrong URL" at least once to see one of my favourite 404 error pages on the net.

Can you link to the source? Text is unreadable here.


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