reporting LIVE from CUBICLE HELL, i bring you the latest in office humor!!! this is some real EPIC shit, folks

EL OH EL!!!!!

UPDATE!!!!! 🚨

noticing that he just leaves these things up all week, i have chosen this monday to massively improve the situation

he has not noticed, yet

upon arriving to work today, all of the camels have been removed. unsure what the reaction was when he noticed

if he puts any/all of them back up this wednesday, i will print out a picture of a large horse with the words GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!!!! and attach it to his cube this thursday

if questioned, i will deny any knowledge of these actions

two weeks from now on a thursday, i will wish him a "happy horseday" in passing

@killeveryhetero office humor is the lowest form of human interaction

@killeveryhetero does the clip cover up where it says "untitled"?

@killeveryhetero this is one of the worst uses of a binder clip i've ever seen

@killeveryhetero now i am emotionally invested. if there is no week three i will be crestfallen

@pig i'm tempted to print this up and pin it to his cubicle wall on a tuesday

@killeveryhetero I love office humor. As bad as it is I get a sense of security being surrounded by boring people.

Every time I see the Wednesday camel I think "Ah, I've reached the point in life where the paycheck is always on time."

@killeveryhetero how is that noise added to the photo from the printer or did you do that on purpose to *meme* it up some more?

@radicalrobit i did it myself, here's what i actually printed

dunno why it didn't go in color, it was supposedly a color printer

bonus comedy points: a slice off the bottom of this image corrupted when i transferred it from my phone to my work computer, making it a shitty ratio and an even shittier crop/print

@radicalrobit double bonus comedy points: the comically oversized clip i "found" (stole) and used


if they go back up.. they all need googly eyes glued to the camels while no one is looking

@killeveryhetero it is impossible for me to understand this joke, as i have a case of the Mondays.

@killeveryhetero and what's with drivers in LA! doesn't anybody signal??

@lyliawisteria and hey MAYBE, if we could get these DAMNED AIRLINES to give out their SHITTY PEANUTS to all these drivers, maybe they'd all die of a nut allergy! And then I could walk to the pub without playing friggin' FROGGER when i cross the road, ya knowhatahmsayin?

@killeveryhetero The worst thing about this is the "Page 1 of 1" in the top right corner.

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