reporting LIVE from CUBICLE HELL, i bring you the latest in office humor!!! this is some real EPIC shit, folks

EL OH EL!!!!!

UPDATE!!!!! 🚨

noticing that he just leaves these things up all week, i have chosen this monday to massively improve the situation

he has not noticed, yet

@killeveryhetero how is that noise added to the photo from the printer or did you do that on purpose to *meme* it up some more?


@radicalrobit i did it myself, here's what i actually printed

dunno why it didn't go in color, it was supposedly a color printer

bonus comedy points: a slice off the bottom of this image corrupted when i transferred it from my phone to my work computer, making it a shitty ratio and an even shittier crop/print

@radicalrobit double bonus comedy points: the comically oversized clip i "found" (stole) and used

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