hey y'all -- is now open for signups -- i have to approve them, but you do not need an invite code anymore

yes, i'm aware that the landing page is horribly broken -- it's still functional! and the rest of the site works perfectly fine

no, i don't know how to fix the landing page

:jhorse: :jhorse: :jhorse:

@killeveryhetero Did assets:precompile die prematurely? Doesn't look like you had some mods to it, looks more like old CSS applied to new HTML

@Gargron I cannot compile new code, because ruby complains that I don't have permission to do so -- it fails right at the end

I spent weeks tearing my hair out trying to figure out what the hell's wrong with it and never got anywhere, eventually giving up (you didn't seem to know what the hell i did either)

@killeveryhetero @Gargron if you ever want hot tipz for moving off of docker hmu im so much happier now

@killeveryhetero @Gargron
try to run this command as root, replacing "mastodonuser" with the username that mastodon runs under:

chown -R mastodonuser:mastodonuser /path/to/your/mastodon/install

Then run the assets:precompile again
@killeveryhetero @Gargron

This command will go through your mastodon install and change the ownership of all files to be owned by the mastodon user. This should fix most permission issues.

@clarjon1 @Gargron i believe i did that when i last tried to fix it and it didnt help -- but i'll certainly try again

i also think i changed the mastodon user afterwards in a desperate whim to see if it would help (it didnt) so i've gotta doublecheck what the hell i changed it to, if i changed it

@killeveryhetero @clarjon1 Secure the data folders, nuke everything, install from scratch

@killeveryhetero @Gargron

ehhhh i'd rename the folder personally instead of nuking it.

just in case things go south you can just rename things back into place and use them in the suboptimal current state until another attempt method can be made.

Been burned too many times by nuking, moved to cp -a / mv instead :)
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