some cheeky motherfucker who was supposed to fix this sink at work threw a spare toilet flusher handle on to the thing and called it a fucking day

what an absolute unit

@killeveryhetero ive seen this in southern schools. dunno if its a thing where you are?

@witchy no idea. this is new orleans so it's certainly the south, but, very different energy than anywhere else in the south

in new orleans, this is absolutely a sign of some cheeky fucker with a spare flusher, the rest of the sinks have "normal" faucets

@killeveryhetero ah im in florida south, which is a different energy, but also? are the other ones like that?? or is it

This is making me oddly homesick, lol.

Who knows, maybe this will be the next hipster home hardware trend?

That looks goofy but maybe more accessible to people with limited dexterity? I mean I'm sure you're right that it's just a creative repair but it might actually help some folks?

@killeveryhetero i hate all public washroom sinks. want to wash your hands? you've got five seconds of water at a time. need to fill a water bottle? too bad, hot water only, and all of the drinking fountains have been removed.

@lyliawisteria these sinks are actually miraculously cold, unlike every other sink in the building(s). but, that's probably just evidence that something is wrong with them, and not an intentional decision, so, you know, 🤷‍♀️

@killeveryhetero Wait, it's actually a better one than the others where you end up putting soap on the tap.

@killeveryhetero it looks "interesting" :). It's creative, you have to admit it.

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