guess i'm never bothering to read a wapo article again, good job dipshits

@killeveryhetero If you're on Chrome or a derivative, chrome://flags, search for filesystem, and enable "Filesystem API in Incognito". This bypasses the only site incognito check I've seen

@amy there's a similar block for ad blockers, and they've cleverly set the page to not load any text beyond the first paragraph so even when you inspect element and remove their block and add back the scroll bar you can't read the article, on top of this i'm only in incognito cuz of their three articles a week bullshit

it's to the point where it's no longer worth the effort to circumvent their site to read mediocre articles

@killeveryhetero I think I hit this last week on the NYT too. It might have been the WaPo and I'm misremembering though. Either way, I'm amused by their optimism that they can annoy someone into giving them money instead of just finding a less annoying news source

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