so i guess someone named Melanie broke into my Spotify account somehow, they've been listening to shit for a few hours and adding songs to my playlists

anyway, now i'm making them listen to Where The Hood at, by DMX, at full volume, repeating the good part over and over again,

@killeveryhetero Zoey, you are my favorite real life trickster.

All your shenanigans are hilarious but harmless, the best kind of shenanigans

@killeveryhetero lmao when my sisters spotify account got hacked someone just made a spotify playlist for kpop songs to listen to and left it at that. kpop fans really go to extreme measures for this shit

@killeveryhetero someone got into my Spotify recently too and played the new Kanye "Jesus is king" on repeat and fucked with my recommendations

@bearphomet that's gotta be covered by the geneva convention somewhere, surely?

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