@KitsuneAlicia yeah had a bunch of problems with dependencies, this isn't the only one that somehow got skipped

i did (almost) the entire install and migration on an SSH client on my phone so i blame any user errors on that

@killeveryhetero Development on the go at its best. lol

Glad it's working again, at least.

@KitsuneAlicia for a phone ssh client it's actually kinda perfect not gonna lie

any missing necessary buttons like arrows, ctrl, etc are all on a scrollable bar above the keyboard

@killeveryhetero We use Hacker's Keyboard (available on both Google Play & F-Droid) for our main keyboard cuz we can't do without the CTRL/arrow keys. CTRL-X, CTRL-C, & CTRL-V are so much quicker to cut/copy/paste text than long-pressing.

The main keyboard in 5-row compact mode literally has all the same keys as a full desktop keyboard.

The only problem is that it lacks emoji support, so we still have to switch to Google's keyboard once in a while.

@KitsuneAlicia I also need to upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 cuz i'm missing several features of several packages that aren't supported for 16 but i'm afraid of everything mysteriously breaking when I run the upgrade lol

@killeveryhetero On this week's episode of Nail-Biting Techscapades, jorts.horse does a Linux server upgrade! Let's see how many things break this time!

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