media is fixed, imagemagick wasn't fucking installed

streaming is fixed, i think it was just overwhelmed by the backlog workers (let me know if streaming is not fixed for you)

we're missing a few of the old jorts customizations (joot, our :angry_laugh: favicon) which i'll re-introduce later now that we're actually working correctly


our server infrastructure is scaled pretty far above our needs, so once i do some work making things prettier and jortsier we may begin a RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGN again in earnest

i need to double-check that mailgun is actually working, first, cuz prior to this update several folks weren't getting mail and who knows where that was breaking down

@killeveryhetero mailgun pricing tiers changed recently, maybe check that?

@killeveryhetero I had to contact linode to get outgoing mail working but I assume you already did that. If you struggle I'd contact support in case they switched your email off for some reason

@Timmy it was working at some point

and i still get emails about reports, so, i still don't really know what the deal has ever been with folks not getting emails

@killeveryhetero I guess they added the mailing restrictions after Jorts started, and you should be grandfathered in indefinitely. If it's working there's the distinct possibility that I am a dipshit and typed my email wrong (well in a different way, since I typed it wrong and made an email alias real fast so I could get it). Would you dm me my own email so I can verify?

@killeveryhetero quick question, was the previous status quo preventing adding new custom emoji? There were a couple times I @ ed you because there was one I thought we could use but they never showed up and I wasn't sure if you were unable or just not interested. Either way is fine, just wanted to know if I should hit you up should I come across any others

@robotcarsley it's likely i didn't notice the @s or didn't want the emoji but yeah we can add emojis

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