what the fuck there's a glinner instance now??? for real? lmao that's hysterical

jorts folks only, should we:

• block the domain?
• mess with him until he posts a hilarious screed about how he's been victimized?

ah goddamnit i wanted to bofa him but i probly missed the chance, guess he's been here a few months already and has already fucked off mostly


@killeveryhetero I got a random follow from an instance called dickkickextremist and their bio said "radpilled"

The whole instance seems terf aligned so if you are doing instance blocks hit that one too lol

@Timmy i don't see anything from their admins feed that reads as anything other than normal shitposting to me, they're federated with a bunch of assholes but that's most pleroma instances

@killeveryhetero when I looked it looked pretty bad but I can't find anything in particular now. Oh well, they didn't do anything to me or anyone on jorts that I know of other than click follow

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