also, and pay attention to this you smarmy fucks who keep repeatedly reporting my users to me for this, I AM EXPLICITLY SOLICITING BOOSTS FOR THIS SELFIE. BOOST THIS SELFIE. if reading those lines made your blood boil, get some help


@killeveryhetero Your hair is awesome and I'm boosting this to spite whoever is fuckin reporting whoever

@killeveryhetero I’ve never been able to have a dye job that fresh without a messy scalp. Impressive.

@sweetmercury well it's been about a week since i redid it so yeah there were red smudges all along my face along the hairline originally lol

@melivia @zardoz happens constantly. "USER IS SOLICITING BOOSTS"

who the fuck cares you little twerps stop reporting this shit lmao

@killeveryhetero your hair looks great!

Also, lmao. Sorry youre getting so many reports about what I can only assume is me

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