my dad has been spouting nonsense about "the thing that will finally sink bernie!" in arguments for weeks as Bernie supporting the ayatollah of Iran in 1979

this time at lunch with him & a work friend I finally stopped replying my usual "nobody actually cares dude" and WELLLLL.....

it isn't even true lmao

i don't think he noticed my email signature change which is a damned shame cuz that was 90% of the joke but i'll take the victory nonetheless

@killeveryhetero this whole exchange was great but tbh every time someone emails me at work with the "high importance" exclamation mark it activates my fight or flight reflex

@killeveryhetero My mother has gone full Bloomberg since the debate and it's like talking to the deep state Q people who believe that JFK Jr. is still alive.

@Zero_Democracy my dad prefers bernie but is convinced by the lib brain poison machine that he cant win

according to my mom he records like 7 hours of cable TV pundit fuckery on the DVR every fucking day and drives her berserk watching it 24/7

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