if anyone has been thinking of joining or coming back to JORTS DOT HORSE :jhorse: and didn't because it was so out of date, well, now's your chance. sign-ups are re-enabled, we're running latest masto, and (afaik) we've never been at the center of a fedi controversy

downsides: absentee badmin who never posts

upsides: damn thats a sexy jorts horse logo :jorthorse:

i might need to disable sign-ups again if we get inundated with weird bot accounts like last time, but for now they're open!

@killeveryhetero hell yeah, latest version!! Can we get a hella emoji in the :100_gay: font too now that youre here? lmao. I am sorry I am so needy and yet so tech incompetent

@killeveryhetero as the one whomst drawed that bejorted horse, co-signed

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