it's too bad that single column is centered so it covers up the beauty of this pic... and it's jorts...

hells yeah

ooh though - new version shows all the domains we've blocked and shit - is that something we want public facing? wasn't there something agreed on a long long while back on why we don't reveal it? i dunno...
i mean i'm sure you're working thru all the new new and will do as you will when you get to shit but that was surprising that they just added that as a 'feature' in vanilla now

@Luxotek yeah i noticed -- not sure it really matters, tbh. i was actually thinking of going back and adding reasons to the bans from that one image i kept posting with MSPaint listed reasons

probably 60-70% of those instances don't even exist anymore, so, the threat of "signal boosting" is kind of vague


think i one i kept when i was actively running an instance is still up if you want at it too.. i kept reasons and i'm just about the same sure alot of who i blocked is gone now but..

@Luxotek yeah... i used CSS this time like an actual functioning-brain-haver

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