@killeveryhetero I've been meaning for a while now to chip something in for all the time and money you put into this site. I'd want a way to send the money anonymously.

@peptostate there's a patreon that at one point was almost fully paying off the server bill, but much of the donations dropped off after some update to patreon people were mad about (don't remember what the update was)


@killeveryhetero wow, that is a lot more than I would have expected. I have been idly thinking about migrating but never get around to it. If you are wanting to wind it down I will pull the trigger on that.

@robotcarsley iirc its easier to scale UP than down on linode which is why i never bothered, and at one point the instance was populated enough that it was crashing without the tier we upgraded to

@killeveryhetero I was meaning more that if you want to pull the plug entirely don't feel obligated to keep it running on my behalf

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