:emergency: in honor of all the brave men and women who died fighting george w bush overseas, i hereby declare today, November 21, 2022,
:anidab_right: :anidab_left:


where's the respect for our troops???? where's the contributions to
:anidab_right: :anidab_left: ??????

only two of you have paid your respects to the brave fallen warriors cut down in their prime overseas by the vicious swordplay of george w bush

@killeveryhetero fiiiiine this was a week ago on an airplane with my friend’s otter finger puppet that she bought at the airport gift shop. I’m in a dark room getting my brains unscrambled or I’d take a new one.

@killeveryhetero plz no judge me I don't put pictures of myself online. I'm an uggo anyway. have a couple of dogs instead as tribute.

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