i dunno what the fuck she's up to but i walked past our office and my girlfriend has JORTS DOT HORSE on one monitor and SKELETOR on the other so that's wife material if ever i've seen it

@redlili actually that was me that insisted on the red our entire house is that color it WHIPS ASS

@redlili here's some carefully selected VIBE SHOTS i scrolled through to find but like yeah this shade of red is so fucking comforting and it ties all our weird disparate woodwork colors together somehow

sorry this was slow reply cuz jorts uploading is fucked again so each image takes a thousand years to upload which is quickly reaching the point where it frustrates me enough to possibly motivate me to Kind Of Do My Job and go investigate wtf is causing that

@killeveryhetero having a cat in half of the pics is worth the wait hahaha

Plus, yeah, it mix so well with an old wooden floor.

Another advantage: you can turn it into a bdsm dungeon without to much efforts

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