Makes it sound so mean.
What if I just like bats..?

Also really like the way they control bugs.

@TerryHancock @killeveryhetero @ancient_catbus liking bats and hating HOAs isn’t mutually exclusive… I for one hate HOAs and want to protect bats partially for the same reason, which is that I hate the destruction of ecosystems, and I want to improve the local ecosystem a little by having many different native plants that create better living conditions for many insects like for example wild bees instead of having more depressing lawn monoculture, and I want to offer a home to bats because they’re amazing creatures who are endangered by a lack of homes among other things. Or I guess that’s what I think I’d do if I had the chance

(I also hate HOAs and love bats for many other reasons, but these are some of them)

@killeveryhetero ducks are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Act of 1918

if you're interested in ruining a shared swimming pool for your neighbors for a couple of months, allow a duck to nest nearby and hatch some ducklings

they legally cannot be moved or re-homed until they move on their own

@killeveryhetero or if you really like bats, that's also a good reason I'd say

@killeveryhetero LOLing hard at this. I love bats, but don’t have an HOA. 😂♥️🦇

@killeveryhetero Of course, there’s nothing wiser than further alienating a body that has power over your very expensive private property.

@hypolite @killeveryhetero You can probably find a few other legal ways to not make it very expensive anymore.

@lispi314 @killeveryhetero You're right, but to my knowledge it is not a common goal of homeowners to make their property cheaper than the mortgage they probably still are paying for.

@killeveryhetero @EdCates put it up next to your public safety radio antenna for extra "HOA will hate this" points.

@killeveryhetero turning your neighborhood into a goth neighborhood

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