no one is discussing the horse incident

i dunno if i just missed the discussion or if he quietly put it away, the only thing they're hollering about is the Boomer Flu

i am disappoint

it's fine, it's fine -- i've spent the time making a rough draft of the next page, feel free to spoiler yourself by taking a look, or leave the media hidden so things are still fresh when it happens!!

there's no fucking way THIS one won't trigger at least a heated debate though

positioning my character on the largest possible mounts directly in front of where i know @dubsteppenwolf 's camera is while she's doing shit is my passion

it isn't even true lmao

i don't think he noticed my email signature change which is a damned shame cuz that was 90% of the joke but i'll take the victory nonetheless


also, and pay attention to this you smarmy fucks who keep repeatedly reporting my users to me for this, I AM EXPLICITLY SOLICITING BOOSTS FOR THIS SELFIE. BOOST THIS SELFIE. if reading those lines made your blood boil, get some help


here is a rough mock-up of the planned payloads (NOT FINAL DRAFTS!!!), sans background corruption fuckery

PAGE ??? OF ??? (the finale) will be a gruesome sight to behold, and its appearance will herald the arrival of ADDITIONAL HORSE FIGURINES

so i guess someone named Melanie broke into my Spotify account somehow, they've been listening to shit for a few hours and adding songs to my playlists

anyway, now i'm making them listen to Where The Hood at, by DMX, at full volume, repeating the good part over and over again,

i'm at a cracker barrel and i'm quite certain that my co-worker could use a nice candle to brighten up his desk

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