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UPDATE!!!!! 🚨

noticing that he just leaves these things up all week, i have chosen this monday to massively improve the situation

he has not noticed, yet

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see that shadow???? that's american-flag-belt-coworker's head, suddenly borrowing a neighboring cubicle


reporting LIVE from CUBICLE HELL, i bring you the latest in office humor!!! this is some real EPIC shit, folks

EL OH EL!!!!!

it has come to my attention, that some people don't know how to, "dance"?

this is shocking to me, as dancing could not be more of a straightforward, natural activity!

accordingly, i've recorded a short, looping, "tutorial", on dancing, a,,, "how To dance," video, if you will,,,, to ensure that no one is left out of, the joy, of dancing!./

please, enjoy, with my Blessings !


love too trip and slash my tiddy open with an ink pen i was holding in my mouth


(slight :ec:)

🎶 it's beginning to look a lot, like, lesbians
evvvvvverywheeeeere i goooo 🎵

you know what, let's have a thread, actually! screenshot your home screens and post them here, here's my hella gay submission

LET'S FIND OUT: WHOMST HAS THE GAYEST HOMESCREEN IN ALL OF THE FEDIVERSE??? (don't cheat, post what it's already set to right now)

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