somebody from (dunno who) reported this post:?

for... ableism? i may be showing my ass here but what in this post could *possibly* be construed as ableism...? against the colourblind? or???


guess i'm never bothering to read a wapo article again, good job dipshits

some cheeky motherfucker who was supposed to fix this sink at work threw a spare toilet flusher handle on to the thing and called it a fucking day

what an absolute unit

still on a train y'all

just woke up on a train

still chonkin' along

dear lord my spine is an mc escher painting

honk honk 😜 make way for the train

:ec: 🔁🆗

halfway through getting my hair done, i look like an anime villain lmao

:ec: 🔁🆗

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