anyone that plays mr game and watch in smash is a scumbag and a villain


the fact that i'm getting away with this:

...implies i can get away with quite a lot, so yeah i'm definitely gonna keep at it lmao

@quietbecoming yeah i've had every possible color under the sun at one point -- i dyed it jet black when i got a contractor job at my current place. but NOW, i am an actual employee... so i've started edging back towards the promised lands with red streaks in my black hair

@Luxotek i only mention the code thing cuz there was someone harassing a .social mod the other day yelling that eugen needs to turn CW's into a dropdown box of preset options and i had to burn his ass about it

@Luxotek Eh. If you mean implement as in, in the code -- it's a bad idea for the same reason preset CWs are a bad idea: it's a rigid solution to a flexible problem.

If you mean, the community just starts adopting specific hashtags like etc, then yeah that's totally doable and not the worst idea, but I see people already doing that to some extent -- i've seen used pretty commonly for trans folk asking for aid, for example.

i don't think....

i, uhhhhhhhh,

buddy there's so many things wrong in this image i don't really know where to begin,,

nevermind AGAIN.... just gonna set up a new server with my github....

also gonna stop "liveblogging" this process cuz its just me changing my mind every 5 minutes,

nevermind fuck it we'll do it live -- anna pointed out that since the server is mostly empty there's no way it'll take that long

i bet its cuz the server image is so gigantic

but like

70% of that is empty space

i bet if i resize it it'll give me a much nicer ETA lets find out

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