me, singing to myself in the bathtub while shaving my legs: 🎶 YOU CAN, WEAR SHORTS IF YOU WANT TO, YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR PANTS BEHIND, 🎵

toilet, you don't wanna open this one bud trust me Show more

🚫 DON'T. 🚫 Show more

@radicalrobit he came over to talk about some bullshit i'm not particularly listening to

he seems to have a personal rule about festive accessories -- he's not wearing his signature belt, presumably because he's expended his festivities on these socks

oh, speaking of his belt...

if questioned, i will deny any knowledge of these actions

two weeks from now on a thursday, i will wish him a "happy horseday" in passing

upon arriving to work today, all of the camels have been removed. unsure what the reaction was when he noticed

if he puts any/all of them back up this wednesday, i will print out a picture of a large horse with the words GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!!!! and attach it to his cube this thursday

@nuttgodd suddenly, with a hearty, farty belch of the earth, the manhole cover blasts into the sky, launching you to valhalla

@hasya23 lol some nerd from reported this for "doxing/harassment"

die mad about it, nazis

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