@dubsteppenwolf i'm gonna have to listen to this bitch play death stranding 2 like five times just like the first game smh my head

people think I am a trans advocate because I am trans but actually I am a #PissAdvocate and advocate for critical #WaterDrinker #PissCrew solidarity.

another hard day on the . tommy is probably gonna lose that arm, but the foreman says we're still under quota. we've been out on the piss derrick for months now. haven't seen my wife in a year, I'm not sure she'd recognize me now. the piss changes you, in ways you don't expect. some days I never want to piss again

I heard this server is full of godless America-hating Communists

who wouldn't want to chug snake venom out of a flask named DISASTER OF NIGHT LEATHER

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fast forwarding a month we cut, and then sold, a few dozen shitty gems that were clogging my stockpiles anyway, to purchase:
*many barrels of alcohol
*a kangaroo brain?
*a barrel full of snake venom, for some reason, we'll find something funny to use it for
*a whimsical goat
*an incredibly expensive flask named "DISASTER OF NIGHT LEATHER WATERSKIN" whose sinister aura called to me
*like 100 lbs of cheese these mfers were loaded with cheese

this flask tho, look at it, this is important, somehow

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since we have 6 fucking gemcutters, 3 of which are legendary, i delayed the merchants and quickly rushed out some jewelers workshops, and we cranked out some real mass produced garbage for these idiots so we can take them for everything they're worth

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what a stupid fucking question obviously the only thing we need is booze

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@geordie dwarf fortress (check the image of the first post in the thread)

hope these assholes like gems, we've now got 3 legendary fucking gem cutters

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upon closer inspection, it actually turns out that this is not, in fact, a visit by the "goblin outpost", it's just that the outpost liaison for the very dwarven caravan is ... a goblin

my best guess is they captured and enslaved a goblin at some point in the world history, and then she had the greatest come-up of her life to end up as a dwarven diplomat

this actually sounds like some lib "heartwarming tale of overcoming slavery" movie script shit, look for it on the hallmark channel soon

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