me: i've been feeling pretty self concious and fat lately hmm this kinda sucks

also me: i know how to solve this problem -- no worries, me! alright let's order a gigantic pile of disgusting fast food and top it off with a little debbie snack cake

Are Lagasna better than normal pasta? Should men simply avoid sphagetthi and meabtalls and just pay garfieald for lasagma with moxzarella? The following photograph explains why men should simply avoid normal pasta and ONLY make love to lasgana:

when someone tries to convince me to play league of legends:

my wife is watching or listening to something for school and they keep mentioning australia and i keep yelling 'australia's not real' or 'they're lying to you it doesn't exist' and 'australia's fake' and now she's getting mad at me for preaching the truth to her

i think my favorite part of going out for lunch at a restaurant is the one table of assholes that are outright shouting at each other, raising the ambient volume in the room and causing every other table full of assholes to get louder and louder

@killeveryhetero @robotcarsley :blobcatgooglytrash: contract employees such as myself begin popping out of holes the moment everyone leaves like the fuzzies in Labyrinth to sing songs and lick the plates clean

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she made a taco bell run with only 1.19 in her wallet... dont get on her case here

@spookcentral that one's art is actually super cute until you realize they've drawn her holding up a plate with a single fucking taco on it

@killeveryhetero NOTE: do not share with contract employees, people food isn't good for them

@robotcarsley it's more like

NOTE: do not share with contract employees, we're giving you this food to celebrate you earning the higher ups huge yearly bonuses by meeting their incentives. contract employees haven't made us rich yet so they can eat shit

bouta rebrand and change our mascot to this racist anthropomorphic pepper with a faded "o" in the background from wherever she stole the graphic

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