@Timmy @ItsJenNotGabby nah he enjoys this shit he's a turbo lib

one day i'll radicalize him

i've turned my mom into at least a socialist so there's hope for him yet

@ItsJenNotGabby @Timmy american flag belt guy, by the by, spends all day with my dad on facebook yelling at eachother about politics

i know this because my dad sends me occasional screenshots of his "dunks"

PSA: Horse Guy (Mike) is not the same guy as American Flag Belt Guy

totally different Guy

i despise american flag belt guy with every fiber of my being, if I was doing a long-running prank war on him it would be a lot more mean-spirited because he is a horrible devil of a man

@ItsJenNotGabby @Timmy this guy is (probably? maybe? i'm not sure) also a maga guy but he's a lot less of a shithead about it if so, and he's actually occasionally funny so i don't hate him

@Timmy @ItsJenNotGabby different guy actually, american flag belt guy is uninvolved with horseday

an hour after that last text in the chat ...... my burner number rang from a generic number from my company

and i, brain as smooth as a rock, thought it was a regular work call


and it was MIKE, fishing to see who the 985 number was

@kyzh maybe the real jesus was the santa claus we met along the way


and yes, that is my remaining horse figurines that i placed on top of a growing head of cabbage that @dubsteppenwolf is growing, and then photoshopped to look like it isn't real

so... i made a new burner number, and joined the group chat...

so there's a work group chat with most of the people involved in this saga

ahem *taps mic* A-AHEM *tap tap* aHEM

guess what day it is,


@Gargron thanks man i was just at the store gettting some milk, you know

i picked this up for you on the way home

@Luxotek @bearphomet @dubsteppenwolf we both sleeping like goblins we just got up like 30mins ago

fwiw i don't archive anything on signal i have like 5 years of texts in there lol

(the domain expired, fixed now)

woops i fixed it i think

the domain expired today

this is what i get for being an absentee admin

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