zucc's kink 

@radicalrobit dead eyes, dead bepis -- he's completely flaccid during the entire event

zucc's kink 

@radicalrobit i'm personally of the opinion that zucc's kink is staring, dead-eyed, full eye contact with himself in front a full-length mirror, fully nude, just absolutely going to town on himself for hours, completely silently

moderation request 

@moiety depends on the situation, but, yeah, sometimes. not the one i'm vagueposting about, though

people need to learn that the block function exists for a reason instead of pissing themselves every time two people are rude to eachother in a thread

when another instance demands to know what jorts is "going to do" about a user that was in a fedi slapfight with some other user:

the charisma carpenter / joss whedon thing makes SO much sense if you watched season 4/5 of Angel.... cordelia's plotline never made any fucking sense within the context of the show, it just... blew up, and the way it happened always felt weird and mean.

SURPRISE! that's exactly what it was. what a loser

@Luxotek oh christ can you imagine

if i ever want everyone to immediately get off my server, this would be the funniest way to do it

@bearphomet this is what i was trying to achieve 2 years ago when i completely busted the whole site because i was too dumb to just use CSS instead of trying to jam it into the actual code of our masto fork lol

if anyone has been thinking of joining or coming back to JORTS DOT HORSE :jhorse: and didn't because it was so out of date, well, now's your chance. sign-ups are re-enabled, we're running latest masto, and (afaik) we've never been at the center of a fedi controversy

downsides: absentee badmin who never posts

upsides: damn thats a sexy jorts horse logo :jorthorse:

i might need to disable sign-ups again if we get inundated with weird bot accounts like last time, but for now they're open!

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